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Fall Home Updates With Your Payout

By September 8, 2020 No Comments
Home set in the Fall season.

Fall is the time to get cozied up in your favorite sweaters, drink apple cider, and watch movies as the leaves fall down from the trees. Fall is also the time to upgrade and prepare various parts of your home before the chilling winter settles in, and your payout from your reverse mortgage makes it a breeze. Here are some quick ideas to get you started on preparing your home for the next few months!

Replace your Front Door

If your door is outdated, damaged, or a little older, it is important to replace your front door to prevent any leaks or drafts from upcoming weather conditions. By having your front door properly replaced and sealed, this will give you some extra peace of mind knowing that snow or rain will not come into your home and cause a mess. In fact, steel front doors are known as the most efficient when it comes to blocking out the Fall weather.

Install A Ceiling Fan And Alter Its Rotation

Most people do not know, but it’s actually more energy efficient to change your ceiling fan’s direction in the colder months. This easy update technically needs to be done a couple of times a year to go with the changing weather conditions. In the fall, you want to change your ceiling fan’s direction to clockwise and in the Summer, counterclockwise. This will help to make sure that your home is circulating warmer air in the winter and cooler air in the summer. So, if you don’t already have a ceiling fan or two in your home, now would be a good time to make that upgrade!

Update your Heating System

By updating your heating system, it will allow your home to coast through the Fall and Winter months without getting too cold. The month of September is the perfect time to check on your heater to make sure that it’s still working properly since it is not too hot or cold yet. We recommend that you check on your system and call an HVAC professional to make the necessary upgrades now so your home will feel comfortable for the colder months that are soon to come!

More Upgrades to Benefit your Exterior and Interior for the Fall

There are many other ways to prepare your home for the Fall season, including:

  • Insulating your attic is important because it will seal in the heat and will help lower electric bills.
  • Repainting your home’s exterior is always a good option that will give it a refreshing glow.
  • Giving your home a power wash will allow you to clean the exterior thoroughly.

These upgrades will give your home a fresh new look and make your home feeling cozier than ever!
If you are thinking about upgrading your home this fall, consider a reverse mortgage! It will allow you to stay in your own home and give you the financial freedom to pay for any home upgrades you need. For more information about how reverse mortgages can help you, and to find out if and how you might qualify, give the team at Idaho Reverse Mortgages a call today!

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