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Summer Home Exterior Upgrades

A home at dusk.

That glorious warm weather has finally arrived, and you’re probably spending quite a bit of time outdoors these days. Maybe you’ve noticed a few things that could use a little spruce now that you’re getting a good look at them…
In the same way that you can use your reverse mortgage payout to fund interior renovations, you can also take some of that money and invest it into the exterior of your home! From creating an outdoor oasis to investing in updated energy resources, there are so many options to grow your curbside appeal and focus on your own comfort in your home. Here are a few favorites!

Outdoor Seating

One great feature that can bring you joy year-round is the addition of a deck or patio! By building it yourself or working with local contractors, you can customize it to fit any accessibility needs you may want to take into consideration. Design your own backyard getaway, or even create a space perfect for entertaining friends and family; add an outdoor fireplace and roast some s’mores with the grandkids on cool summer nights! The possibilities and personalizations are endless.

The Roof

If you’ve noticed a little leak or know that it’s been a few decades since you’ve had your roof re-done, it may be time to call someone in for an estimate. Summer is a great time for this particular remodel; the heat and decrease in precipitation help to make sure weather stalls and water damage is less frequent! Update your roof tile color to match a recent paint job on your home, or replace the ones that are a little weather-worn.

Your Home’s Exterior

That fresh coat of paint mentioned above? This is a great time to do it! Giving your home a face-lift with a new color palette will bring life back to a dull exterior. If needed or wanted, you could also replace the siding on your home; when it’s all done, you won’t believe your eyes at the transformation! Added bonus: new siding can help you weatherproof your home, which is a major benefit during Idaho’s colder winters!

Renewable Energy

Sick of your regular power bill and ready to take the leap into renewable energy? Why not give solar panels a try?
Living in the great state of Idaho provides you with a great opportunity for solar power with its often clear skies and bright sunny days! Even in the winter, there’s usually a decent sunshine to cloud ratio; plus, panels provide power storage, so you don’t have to worry about losing energy at night or on a cloudy day! In addition, you may qualify for a discount from your local power company!

Using Your Payout To Invest In Home Upgrades

Using your payout to invest in your home is a great way to use some of your funds. Since a reverse mortgage provides you with the opportunity to stay in your home for longer than you might otherwise be able to, it only makes sense that you want to be sure that your home is as comfortable for you as possible! Contact the team at Idaho Reverse Mortgage today to see if you qualify and to learn more about how you can use your payout to invest in your home and your future!

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