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Top Vacation Spots to Spend Your Reverse Mortgage Payout On

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An Elderly couple with a Reverse Mortage

Turn your home’s value into a fulfilling journey in the western US. With a reverse mortgage, you may have received a very generous payout that you can choose to spend on anything. Time to get out of your house and use the payout on a bucket list vacation list you made for yourself ages ago. Instead of going too far from home, the western US has plenty of spots that are sure to give you the experience you’ve been looking for.

Red Rocks

Arizona is home to not only an abundant number of cacti but also the colorful town of Sedona. Not far from the Grand Canyon, this hidden gem of a town provides breathtaking rock formations and uplifting experiences. The color contrasts from the red rocks and green trees will take your breath away. Sedona is known for its spiritual vortexes which have been rumored to enhance your mood when entering the town. If you are looking for a spiritual and colorful journey, then Sedona will be your destination for all things tranquil.

Lake Town

For a town that feels more personal and has mountain views, then McCall should not be overlooked. Idaho may have lots of farmland but this forested town located 2 hours north of Boise is the perfect resort destination for a more rustic and outdoorsy atmosphere. Enjoy watching the boats, kayaks, and paddleboards pass by as you watch the sunset or sign up for a cruise on Payette Lake. In the colder months, there is a winter carnival where snow sculptures of all sizes are put on display for the public to enjoy. Every year there is a different sculpture theme, so if you fall in love, you can enjoy several years of ever-changing snow art.

Glitz & Glam

Now, I would not recommend going to Las Vegas and gambling your reverse mortgage money away. However, it is all in good fun when you are “responsible” in a place like Las Vegas. The bright lights and extravagant street performers are why this city is alive 24/7. Not only can you gamble, but you can also go to the many different shows put on by theater actors, magicians, dancers, and other enchanting performance artists. There is always something to do when you are in Las Vegas. With the vast amount of food options and diversity, you won’t have to travel across the world for authenticity. Walk the strip, or relax in a resort-themed hotel, the option is yours. Things may be big in Texas, but Vegas knows how to put on a big show no matter the time of day.

Your Choice

After giving you three very different options, you can also decide your own vacation destination. Think about what activities, sights, and events you enjoy to help sort out what kind of vacation you want. Your reverse mortgage payout should be an opportunity to explore life outside of your comfort zone.

For Idaho locals, your reverse mortgage specialist is close by to offer the guidance and information you may need in how to best allocate these funds. Time to decide if you’re ready to cross off that bucket-list item and embark on your new journey.

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