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Updating Your Home As You Age

View of an open layout home from the kitchen; You can see a marble island in the foreground and beyond it a pantry door. To the left is a dining area, to the right a living room.

Like anything else, the aging process comes with its own set of challenges. Your body changes, and sometimes the things you used to do with ease become a little more difficult. By adapting your home to your needs, you can age in place and stay in the comfort of your own home for longer than you could if you didn’t make adjustments. By utilizing a portion of the payout from your reverse mortgage, you can do more than just enjoy autonomy as you age; you can also bring peace of mind to your loved ones and make keeping up with your favorite things easy and fulfilling!


A great place to start? Adapting your doorways! Mobility issues or accidents can cause a need for medical equipment, so ensuring your doorways are wide enough for mobility access can prove useful if something unexpected happens. You should also check the hardware on your doors; are the handle/knob and locks easy to manipulate? With the increased probability of arthritis as you age, ensuring that you can operate these things as time passes can be critical.


One place that could definitely use some attention? Your kitchen!
Make sure that your counter is an appropriate height, and that all of your basics are easily accessible in your storage space. Look at pull-out renovations for your cabinets, and try to avoid putting things you use often in lower cabinets and drawers. Invest in a lighter weight pot and pan set; this can prove helpful so that you’re not trying to drag around your cast iron for every meal! Keep a stable step-stool tucked away to make it easier to get to higher shelves, and invest in non-slip mats and even a few support bars strategically placed for your comfort.


As you can imagine, the bathroom can be a minefield if you don’t take care as you get older. Having a walk-in shower with little to no lip, slip preventive floor texture, and support bars for accident prevention can be incredibly beneficial. Like the kitchen, ensuring your items are stored in an accessible place and keeping non-slip mats down for your protection can also help to avoid a fall as you age. Finally, make sure that the toilet is at a good height to make it more accessible for your needs as you get older; replace old fixtures with new ones, and be prepared for anything as you age!

Throughout the Home

Throughout your home, it’s important to pay attention to the little details. Ensure you have good lighting in every room. Avoid rugs that slide or can be a tripping hazard. Make a note of where easily accessible outlets are, and adapt accordingly as needed. It’s also time to take a look at your furniture: do you have what you need? Or could there come a time where you might struggle to get out of your favorite cushy chair?
Purchasing accessibility friendly furniture can make all the difference as you age. Adjustable beds, chairs and couches that can tilt forward to aid in standing, and rounded tables instead of square ones so that you avoid bumps and bruises can all be nice additions to your home for your future. Even little things, like adding a few extra pillows to your furniture, can be aesthetically pleasing and helpful when you need a little extra support!

How Your Reverse Mortgage Payout Can Help

The greatest benefit of a reverse mortgage is the ability to stay in your home for as long as you possibly can, and adapting your home for aging in place is just the beginning! There are many other ways that you can invest your reverse mortgage into your home. Make your retirement all that you want it to be; consider a reverse mortgage today!

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