4 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Spring

A man cleaning a glass fence in his backyard.

The time is finally here! After another long Idaho winter, it’s beginning to heat up again and feel like summer is on the horizon. Although the springtime isn’t nearly as hot as summer, blue skies are back and everyone’s mood is beginning to brighten back up. As the seasons continue to change, the Idaho Reverse Mortgage team wants to offer some commonly forgotten tips and tricks to help you prepare your home for spring!

Clean the Gutters

Cleaning your gutters may seem like a hassle, but it is a very important step for preventing future damage to your house. The previous seasons likely brought in loads of leaves and guck that can end up causing roof leaks and water damage, to both the interior and exterior of your home, if left untreated. It is recommended to clean your gutters twice a year, in the early spring and early fall. Make sure you’re being safe while on the ladder and follow these steps to deep clean your gutters!

Wash the Windows

Spring is also a great time to wash away the watermarks, dirt, and dust that have accumulated on your windows over the last few months! They have likely taken a beating from the Idaho winter, but spring time calls for a deep clean. However, you should first check your windows for any peels or cracks that may have resulted from the cold. It is also common for winter wind to loosen your screens, so make sure they’re sealed before you begin to clean! With only a bucket of soapy water and a microfiber rag, cleaning your windows yourself is a piece of cake.

Lawn Maintenance

Most winters bring in many broken branches, leaves, and trash that gets piled in the snow, so start by raking it all away! If your lawn seemed to have died during the past season, you should look into aerating your yard. Aerating will help regrow your dead lawn faster and thicker, which is perfect for this time of year.

Bring Out the Grill

Although your grill was most likely closed and covered during the past few months, it is likely that it collected mounds of dust, dirt, and watermarks. There are multiple steps to deep cleaning your grill, but here are some crucial steps you must check before grilling season begins. Firstly, check the gas hose because the wind and cold air could have caused cracks or unsealed the plug ins. Next, grab your wire brush and a cloth and get into the grill for any maintenance updates needed. After finishing up your cleaning and emptying the grease trap, you are ready to grill up burgers for the whole family!

After some quick and manageable cleanup jobs are finished, you are just about ready to enjoy the nice weather! If you need some extra cash for spring cleaning activities or renovations, give Idaho Reverse Mortgage a call for information!

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