Hobbies You Can Pick Up Using Your Payout

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A man golfing

Picking up hobbies can be a great way to enjoy your fullest self, all while experiencing something that might be out of your comfort zone. We’re not talking about skydiving or rock climbing… considering people who are 62 years and older are the only ones eligible for this particular type of loan, but more along the lines of golfing or boating! With a reverse mortgage, you’re able to convert the equity in your home into cash without having to sell your home or pay monthly bills, which means more time for you to enjoy yourselves! At Idaho Reverse Mortgages, we’ve helped hundreds of people claim this loan and have some ideas as to hobbies you can start with that extra cash!


Ever hit the links before? If not, this is a great hobby to explore if you haven’t! Although it might take a while to get that picture-perfect swing, once you have the hang of it, you’ll practically wish you were living at the golf course. From the clubhouse where they have food, drinks, golf clubs, and friendly locals, to the actual course where the grass is kept in pristine condition, the weather is typically on par, and the only noise you’ll hear is from you or your golf swing! There tends to be a culture at golf courses, following the lines of class, manners, and equity, which means for those of you who are of older age, it’s a perfect place to relax without any chaos.


What’s better than being out on the links with the sun shining bright? Perhaps if you were to be on a boat! With the use of a reverse mortgage, you can use that money to cash in on a nice boat, whether it be a pontoon, motorboat, sailboat, or even just a simple rowboat. Although these do cost a pretty penny, but with that extra cash you now have, this investment is all worth it in our books! Enjoy beautiful days out on the lake with friends and family, or just relax on your own with the music playing in the back as the sun glistens off the water. A boat is a great hobby to pick up, and for those of you that enjoy fishing, perhaps a boat with holders for fishing polls is the way to go! There are lakes all over the state with fish waiting to be caught!


Having plants and quality tools can be expensive when trying to create that dream garden of yours. Even the mulch and sod can be quite the hassle and paying somebody to do it can be expensive too. However, with that extra equity in your pocket, you now have the power to create your masterpiece! Investing in some stone pathways and outside lighting is also a way to spruce up your backyard giving it that extra touch of magic. Idaho Reverse Mortgages recommends planting some trees as well, like apple and pear trees, giving you some produce to use if baking is your forte. A garden with tomatoes, jalapenos, strawberries, and more also gives you plenty of fruit and vegetables to use for meals any time of the day! Not to mention your neighbors getting jealous when they see the new garden setup you have now. Boarding up the garden with wooden frames gives it a clean and modern look as well!

Working out

Yes, it’s nice to live a comfy lifestyle without having to exercise, but it’s healthy for you, and is a fantastic way to stay in shape, clear your head, reduce stress, and more! Perhaps having a gym membership isn’t the route you want to go down, and we don’t blame you! Gyms can feel cramped and hectic! With the money from your new loan, investing in some exercise equipment for your home isn’t too bad of a decision. Companies everywhere are creating top-of-the-line workout equipment, specifically created so you never have to leave your home to work out. From stationary bikes like Peloton to on-the-wall equipment like MIRROR, an electronic mirror that uses algorithms to display workouts and exercise routines from top trainers in the world! If all this seems a little expensive, maybe steer towards the route of purchasing some dumbbells, using that spare cash to invest in a hot tub for soaking those aching muscles.

With the help of Idaho Reverse Mortgage, we can help you secure that extra cash that you’ve been needing! You can reach out to us through our website or by calling us! Either way, we’re here to help you so you can go out and enjoy the best version of yourself!

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